i•Rewards offers the most comprehensive player loyalty benefits of any system in Montana and employs experts that can help you achieve maximum play levels. Keep your location on top with Century and i•Rewards!

player loyalty/
expert support

  • Interactive bonus games on LED screens allow for increased player/attendant interaction.
  • Fully customizable promotions allow you to choose what’s most effective for your casino.
  • 4 level player tiers to drive additional play.
  • Full time i•Rewards experts give you the support you need to maximize your play.
  • Design support that builds your brand and keeps your location top of mind.
  • Professional training to help get the most our of your system and gaming attendants.


  • Integrated text messaging assures your marketing message is viewed and delivered at the most effective time with no additional cost to you.
  • Post integrated promotional codes to your Facebook page or text them directly to your players to encourage and track visits.
  • A digital marketing pressence with no additional cost!