Originally doing business under the name Century Gaming Inc., the original Montana operations were established as a result of the merger of Century Amusement Inc. with Gaming Consultants Inc. in the year 2000. The original companies had been operating gaming machines across the state since the legalization of gambling in Montana in 1986.

In the latter part of 2001, the company purchased the Montana route operations of Las Vegas based Anchor Gaming, bringing the number of games in operation up to approximately 1,700. For the next several years, Century Gaming Inc. grew steadily, becoming a market leader in Montana gaming operations.

In June of 2004, Century ventured outside of Montana to purchase United Coin Machine Co., a 7,000+ gaming machine vendor and route operator to bars, taverns, small casinos and convenience stores throughout Nevada. United Coin continued to operate in Nevada as a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Gaming Inc., retaining many of the seasoned veteran employees who had led them to becoming the biggest and arguably the most well-known local gaming route operator in the state of Nevada at the time.

After realizing the success that diversification into the Nevada market brought to the business, Century made another acquisition in Montana route operations, purchasing both Capital Music, Inc. and Northern Vending, Inc. in July of 2006.  Just a year later in July of 2007, Century made yet another acquisition in Montana route operations, purchasing Fleetwood Gaming’s route division. The combined Century Gaming and United Coin companies operated approximately 9,500 gaming devices in over 800 licensed establishments in Montana and Nevada at the close of 2010, making Century Gaming Inc. a market leader in both states.

Century Gaming and United Coin are now Century Gaming Technologies, a unifying name representing a shift in focus to bring the latest in technological advancements to the gaming market in both states.  As Montana’s largest route operator and the first and only provider of a state certified Tier 1 reporting system, Century Gaming Technologies delivers much more than just gaming machines. We provide the support, the knowledge and the equipment to keep our partner locations at the very forefront of emerging gaming technologies. By ensuring your success, we continue ours, living up to our motto as Your True Gaming Partner!