At Century Gaming Technologies we believe in providing our partner locations with every advantage over their competitors. With nearly 30 years of experience in the Montana market we know how to drive Montana gaming better than anyone else! Below are some products developed specifically for Montana gaming establishments.

Must-Have Games

  • #1 and #2 most played games!
  • Largest U1 provider in Montana.
  • Continually innovating the next hot game.
  • Exclusive Aristocrat favorites with Power Vision.
  • To compete at the highest level, you need these games.

Gaming Management

  • Fully customizable gaming management system.
  • Electronic transmission for state reporting.
  • Track your success with automated emailed reports!
  • Interactive, to keep your players engaged.
  • Built in mobile marketing options.
  • The most flexible rewards system in Montana.


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revenue management

  • Guarantees a minimum revenue amount each and every week.
  • If jackpots are abundant in any week you still receive your Smooth Pay minimum. Simply pay your balance back when your revenues improve!
  • An absolutely free, Century exclusive feature.

atm / Touch tunes

  • The latest ATM technology.
  • Flexible contract options & competitive rates.
  • The sleekest jukebox on the market.
  • Mobile app controlled 26” wide screen format.